The concept of “Work From Home” is here to stay for a long time! Here’s why!

The concept of “Work From Home” is here to stay for a long time, moving forward!

Yes, we truly believe. Here’s why!

We’re aware that all of us are forced to stay indoors & “work from home” during this pandemic. Many businesses are & have adapted to the global outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) through virtual operational models!
Organizations from various industry verticals have been working on their Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to avoid disruption to their businesses in the future.
As we continue the work from home trend which kicked in a couple months ago since the lockdown begun worldwide, I’m sure so many of us realize WE CAN actually get a lot of our official work done REMOTELY!
This trend would also be impacting a lot of firms financially. A lot of collateral expenses & rents are being saved as there is no workforce at workplaces which in turn, reducing costs.
Process automation & remote working are going to be the talk of the town!
WeP Digital offers an enterprise product for workflow automation & in the lines of remote working. WeP Digital provides tailored & scalable solutions to facilitate Smart Content Collaboration, Business Process Automation & Remote Working for enterprises to simplify their business, improve organization productivity & control mechanism.
A proven enterprise software product for Procure To Pay, Management Of Change (MOC), Automation, Employee Records Management, Employee Onboarding, Process Automation, Vendor Management, etc.
Access/collaborate your business related data securely & processes remotely, from wherever you are – be it, office/home!
o Projects Collaboration
o Vendor / Customer Collaboration
o Digital Task Management
o Document Repository
o Scanning & Digitization
o Role Based Access
o Folder Automation
o Integrations with Mission Critical Applications
o Integrations with Chat & Conferencing Solutions
o Analytics & Reports
One-stop solution to store, retrieve & manage records/data in the cloud removing the need for physical paper forms & files.
Manage buying, approvals, compliance, payments & suppliers to create greater efficiencies on an enterprise level.
Design, execute & automate processes between humans & systems to run.
Manage people side of change to achieve a business outcome, adhere to organizational change & statutory compliance.
Integrate WeP DMS with your in-house ERP & third party software/tools for seamless flow of the data.
The company has helped firms from various industry verticals by deploying the custom solutions to simplify their businesses.
Reach out to for a personalised demo of the same.
Stay Safe, take care!

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