Concept Of an Agent and an Employee in GST

Understanding an Agent and an Employee in GST

Vishwanath was listening to his son Rahul’s group study session with his friends about principal and agent under Indian Contract Law. After mischievously overhearing the entire discussion, he could understand that agent is a person employed to do any act for another…

Input Tax Credit Under GST

Input Tax Credit- a magic potion or magic potion kept on leaky crucible?

Vishwanath was quite eager to understand the Input Tax Credit in GST and so he went to the home of Prasanna. Prasanna greeted him warmly and offered a bowl of payasam, the quintessential concoction for happiness.

Having understood…

Anti-Profiteering in GST

Holiness of Profiting vs Villainy of Profiteering

Vishwanath turned to the Business section of the morning newspaper, the caption read “Anti-profiteering measures in GST is regressive”. Words profiteering and profit sounded similar. So he looked into a dictionary.

Profit is merely the excess of sales price…

GST- Goods And Services Tax (Part 1)

GST-a godsend tax or a goods & services tax?

Vishwanath was listening to his son Rahul rendering almost like a chant the difference between direct taxes and indirect taxes. His son was preparing for Economics exam and as is he won’t, he would chant whatever he read, a practice his…

GST- Goods And Services Tax (Part 2)

GST-a godsend tax or goods and service tax – Part -II

Vishwanath was pondering over whether GST was really a godsend tax. He knew that Eluru Prasanna, teacher of Rahul, would have the answer. E.Prasanna, named after the master off-spinner of yore, was a man of letters in every sense…


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