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WeP Digital uses the latest Kodak scanning technology, combined with intelligent capture software. This Provides fast, efficient document scanning with easy searchable, retrieval and indexed digital files.

All types of data can be captured such as receipts, travel forms and much more.

Document Management Solutions We Offer

Scanning and Indexing

    • Documents retrieval
    • Document Indexing
    • Document uploads
    • Documents indexed and uploaded through a secure FTP site


Data Entry Services

    • High volume, low cost, accurate data entry services
    • specialized quality checking software for data entry
    • Forms processing such as
      • survey or customer satisfaction forms
      • membership scheme administration
      • ticket forms processing

Documents and Repository

    • documents are scanned, quality checked and indexed
    • documents are stored in the WeP Digital’s repository
    • documents also stored in the in-house repository


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Document Management Solution

Process of DMS

DMS Process

Components of DMS

DMS Process

Features of WeP DMS

  • An Attractive User Interface
  • A Robust Search Feature
  • Reduced Physical Storage
  • Lower Costs
  • Save Time – Instant Access to Documents
Why Choose WeP

  • Paper-less
  • Hassle-free
  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Secure
Features of PDF/A

  • Royalty free viewing for life – to be able to view in the exact intended manner at all times
  • Application independent – software used to create, store or manage is irrelevant
  • Cross Platform – across all hardware & OS
  • ISO 19005-1:2005 Compliant


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