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WeP Digital Services Limited,
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Toll-Free: 1800-102-6010

WeP Digital Services Ltd is a Bengaluru-based digital financial service provider that provides digital solutions and optimises personalised financial platforms of the future. Unique to India and global in application, the company’s innovative open API’s facilitate cashless, paperless and innovative digital solutions for SME’s, Fortune 500 companies across industries. Built to scale, our versatile software helps businesses become GST compliant, covering GST taxation with end-to-end deployment & management. Hosted on cloud-based Microsoft Azure connected platform, with seamless integration to existing software, automatic data upload and import, the GST software facilitates easy collaboration between client and accountant.

As one of Bangalore’s top digital solutions company, Web Digital offers solutions to facilitate Smart Content Collaboration and Process Automation for Enterprises. On premise & Cloud-based secure, data-compliant document storage, with automated workflow and user collaboration on a single. Track your documents, digitise them, track communication, ensure data compliance and secure digital assets with adequate disaster recovery management.

WeP Digital is also provides company secretarial automation software known as WeP BLISS. WeP BLISS is a cloud hosted software for corporate secretarial team that automates secretarial work and serves as an E-Repository for secretarial records.